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Custom Design Your Jewelry with Us


  • Are you looking for an exact style engagement ring, wedding band, or piece of jewelry?

  • Would you like a unique one-of-a-kind piece of jewelry?

  • Is there a special jewelry piece that you’d love to make into a complete set?

  • Do you own a piece of heirloom jewelry that you’d like to have recreated into a new design?

  • Is there a loose stone or empty setting that you inherited or purchased on vacation?

  • Do you need a perfect-sized wedding band or anniversary ring that will complement your engagement ring?

Custom design pear shape diamond engagement ring parts
scull wax model
custom design vintage look gold ring
white star sapphire ring
custom design engagement ring
Custom design pear shape diamond engagement ring completed
scull wax model complete
custom design vintage look gold ring completed
white star sapphire ring
custom design engagement ring

Feel free to bring in any sketches, photos, and/or Pinterest Board design of  your dream piece James Diamond will work with you to develop a unique that reflects your vision and helps you stay within your budget.

You can also bring in another existing piece of jewelry to replicate.  That’s all we need to get started!

Sit down with someone with over 50 years experience and create your special design together!  There is no rush or cost for a custom design consultation here at James Diamond Jewelry. We will combine the latest technology with our dedication to artistry and fine craftsmanship to bring your inspiration to life. 

Custom jewelry designs are an excellent way to use your old jewelry or family heirlooms and turn them into new masterpieces to be enjoyed by generations to come! 

If you choose to add any new stones, we can help! Choose from thousands of beautiful diamonds and gorgeous colored gemstones. We can incorporate your stones or ours- from one piece to another.

 Visit our store, or call us today to get started!


When our customers select their one-of-a-kind diamond or special gemstones, they want to make a statement in a custom-designed setting for any ring, bracelet, pendant or earrings. We will be happy to use any metal you prefer, any diamond or gemstone in color and quantity. 

Let us get inside your head and help you bring your ideas to life! 



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