James Diamond FAQ’s

Do you buy gold and jewelry?

Yes, we buy all precious metal jewelry, (i.e. gold, silver, platinum,) in any condition. We also buy gold and silver coins as well as diamonds and other precious and semi-precious gems.

Do you pay cash?

Yes, we pay CASH on the spot.

Do I need to make an appointment to sell my jewelry?

No appointment necessary. Just come in during our normal business hours and we will inspect your jewelry and make you a fair offer.

Do you pawn jewelry?

No, we are not a pawn dealer. Pawn is not legal in Monroe County. You would need to go to outside the county if you want to pawn your jewelry.

Do you replace watch batteries?

Yes. When we replace a watch battery, we also do a full factory service check on your watch and guarantee the battery for a year.

Do you fix jewelry?

Yes, we fix all types of jewelry on premise.

How long does it take to get a repair on my jewelry?

Most every piece of jewelry you wear has a special memory to it. We understand that and want to restore each piece back to its original state. This of course takes time. We will do all we can to accommodate you should you need it for a special occasion.

Do you make custom jewelry?

YES WE DO! We were hoping you would ask. Custom design jewelry is what we enjoy doing the most. Custom design is our specialty. From duplicating another piece of jewelry to making a one-of-a-kind piece, we do it all. “If you can dream it, we can make it”

 How do I get my finger sized?

If you are in the Pocono area, you may come by our showroom to get sized. If not, any local jewelry store should offer free sizing. When you get sized, take note of which type of sizers they used- thin, wide.

Do you do appraisals?

Yes, we would gladly provide you with a free verbal estimate of the value of your jewelry.

We also provide full photo appraisals for insurance purposes for which there is a minimal charge. For all appraisals we adhere to strict Gemology Institute of America guidelines.

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