Everyone wants the most money and the best deal when selling their jewelry. But how do you know that you are dealing with a reputable and knowledgeable cash for a gold dealer?

When possible sell your gold and other jewelry to an established jewelry store. Only an experienced and reputable jeweler will be able to tell you the true value of your jewelry, especially if your piece has multiple stones, such as diamonds of different qualities, precious stones and different metals (such as platinum). As long as they have a reputable jeweler on staff-they should be able to price your items correctly. Any smart Jewelry Dealer knows if they give you a fair deal on your items, you will be a lifelong customer!

Use caution when selling your jewelry to a “Cash For Gold” business! Buying and selling jewelry and coins are their business’ only source of income. They want to make as much profit from you IMMEDIATELY! After you sell them your jewelry, the chances of you returning to sell again are little to none.

Beware of Pawn shops! Pawn shops buy and sell almost anything, from T.V.’s to guitars, to firearms, oddities and more. They always have a variety of people with different experiences working behind the counter. Most are not going to be able to identify your items correctly if you have something of significant value. The only time a Pawn shop is recommended is if you need fast cash or plan on buying your valuables back in the near future. Even so, they usually don’t hand over much cash.

Two very good resources are – Jewelers of America and Google.

To find a reputable jeweler go to- Jewelers of America

Google reviews-To find local results you need to add the area you are searching for in your search. If you are in the Poconos I would use…  (SELL MY JEWELRY POCONOS PA)

Quality and quantity are both important when looking at reviews. Five stars are the highest that you can give on Google. The rule of thumb is to be extremely cautious in dealing with a business with a rating below four stars. Most business’ rarely have all five stars, because that’s not always possible, (especially if they have a lot of reviews) There will always be “that one” customer that will give that “bad” review for the wrong reasons. I recently saw someone give a book review a one star- because it came late and damaged during shipment, nothing to do with what the book was about at all!

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