Watch Repair and Batteries

Do you really think it’s a good idea to have your watch battery changed at the same place you buy your toilet paper? 

Our watch Experts have over 100 YEARS combined experience, and they will complete a full-factory check and service on EVERY watch. This is the same quality you would receive if you took your watch to its original manufacturer. It just cost a lot less money at Jame Diamond Jewelry. 

We will fix a variety of watches including: pocket watches; antique watches; swiss watches; etc.

We also fix a variety of brand-name watches including, but not limited to: Bulova, Citizen, Gucci, Pulsar, Rolex, and more!

We do the following professional services:

  • Calibration
  • Check and clean contacts
  • Check for loose stones
  • Clean band and housing
  • Complete Overhaul
  • Crown/Stem Replacement
  • Gasket Replacement
  • Hands Replacement/Refurbishment
  • Refinish crystal
  • Refinish Dial
  • Refinish Hand
  • Replace band
  • Replace Dial
  • Polishing
  • Replace broken/missing parts
  • Review Functionality
  • Full-Service Battery Replacement also Includes FREE one year warranty!