Congratulations! You’ve found the love of your life!  Do you want to make her happy and proud of her engagement ring? Did you know that she will constantly show it off and stare at it, entranced by its brilliant sparkles? Isn’t she worth the extra time and effort it takes to physically go out and look for the best-quality ring within your budget?


When you buy an engagement ring online, of course, you will be saving some money! You will exchange convenience and high quality for a low-quality, mass-produced ring. Sometimes the website will outsource your ring from a location that lacks quality standards and inspections. Wouldn’t you rather know the jeweler that you’re buying your ring from?

There are many pitfalls in buying a ring online, and here are just a few:

1.) You turn one of the most important memories and purchase decisions of your life into a very lackluster, impersonal experience.

2.) A diamond looks very different in-person than it does on a computer screen or on your cell phone. Your computer can hide inclusions, cracks, blemishes, and make it appear whiter and larger than its actual quality.

3.) You don’t get to sit down with a jeweler and pick out your desired diamond.

4.) If you wish to return your ring for any reason, you risk the chance of losing it in the mail along with paying extra postage.

5.) You may receive a different ring than the one you saw and purchased online.

6.) If the website is not reputable, you risk getting scammed! For example, your “diamond” ring can be glass, cubic zirconia, or another imitation material. Your metals may also not be genuine (e.g. dipped gold, gold-plated, etc.). 

7.) Online ring purchases can take weeks, or even months to deliver! Remember, there is no such thing as free shipping. It’s built into the cost of your ring. 

8.) You have to keep a close eye on your mailbox to make sure your package is safely delivered.

9.) You may receive a used engagement ring or no ring at all!

10.) If your ring does not fit well, you will need to send (and possibly resend) it back to be resized until it fits just right. This process may result in an extra fee.



1.) Your personal jeweler will help you find the highest-quality diamond for the lowest price.

2.)  You end up getting a custom, handmade ring as opposed to a machine-made ring.

3.) You can revisit your jeweler when you are ready to buy matching wedding bands, anniversary gifts, or your bridesmaids’ gifts.

4.) You can easily bring in pictures or other visual references to help create your dream ring!

5.) Your jeweler can check your engagement ring about every six months to ensure you are not at-risk to lose any of your diamonds and/or gemstones.

6.)  Your local jeweler can help with resizing; cleaning; and future maintenance and repairs.

7.) A good, local jeweler will educate you on any information you need regarding your ring (e.g. metal types, sizes, cuts, etc.).

8.) Your jeweler can sit down with you and help you create a detailed, one-of-a-kind ring.

9.) Your very own jeweler can perfectly size your ring at the onset of your purchase.

10.) You can physically see and try on as many rings as you like in the store to see how they look.


At James Diamond Jewelry, we have over 2,000 rings on display and many visual inspirations. If you or someone you know is looking to buy an engagement ring, see Mr. James Diamond before you buy any ring. Mr. Diamond has successfully been in the jewelry business for over fifty years. At his current location in the Pocono Mountains, he has continued to satisfy customers at his shop for over forty years. With years of experience, James Diamond’s customers look to him for his honesty and reasonable pricing. He gladly shares his expertise about any jewelry piece for FREE. The one thing Mr. Diamond hates more than anything is to hear nightmare stories about someone making such an important purchase, only to later regret it. They are then stuck with a bad memory when it’s supposed to be one of their best ones!

Now, where would you dream of buying an engagement ring? 

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